Small white dog sits on a sled whlie covered in a blanekt at sunset.

your pets never want to miss a moment with you, never forget a moment with them


My mom is the photographer at Nose Art Studios. She said, "No, Nessie. You're not a client, you can't leave a review." But I says to myself, Nessie, gib the viewers what they want. So, here it is. Mom gives good scritches and is generous with treats.

Sometimes she makes some really weird noises but I've heard most of them by now so don't be scared when she sounds like a farm animal. 🐖  And she likes to have a good time so relax and enjoy your session!

Welcome to Nose Art Studios! I am your photographer, Amy, and I am here to help you navigate booking a photo session experience for your pet! 

A pet photo session, you say??? Yes! 

A session for your pet will focus on capturing your pet's personality and the bond you share. I've been been all over the state and in many different locations to help pet parents capture just the right images that tell the story of their pet. 

Do you have to be in the photos? Nope! Can you if you want to be? Absolutely and it's encouraged! But just to be clear, these are not family photo sessions that involve your pet. These are 100% focused on your pet, just like a photo session for your human child would be! But sometimes, for a few, we let humans get involved. 

Are you like me and haaaaaaaaate being photographed? Talk to me! There are ways to get you "in" the photo without being "in" the photo. 

I cannot wait to hear from you! 

Serving Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa and surrounding communities.