Hi, I'm Amy and I am the owner and photographer at Nose Art Studios, the premier pet photography service in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls (Iowa) metro area!


What do I love? Photographing pets and their people, of course!

What do I also love? Helping owners get the stunning images and products they've been imagining for their homes and offices.


Let's make your ideas a reality!  

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It's Never Too Early, It's Never Too Late

I am lucky. As a professional photographer, I have many beautiful images of our pets, chickens included. And I, like most, thought I would have many more years to capture all the antics and moments as they grew old in our home. Unfortunately, I was reminded that life can be unpredictable and tragic. At the age of 4, our girl Pippa was suddenly and violently taken from us. She was my muse. She was part of my journey to becoming a professional pet photographer. Her silhouette sits proudly on my logo. Her beautiful face graces our walls. 

Our pets are our families. Like our human families, photography captures the moments that we cherish forever. When the dog bowls are put away. When we no longer feel the cold nose urging us to get moving in the morning because we've missed breakfast time by 10 minutes. When their leash hangs by the door with nobody to tug on it or sit by in hopes they'll get just one more outting for the day. This is when photography helps us look back and keep their memories alive. We can flip through the album or look to our walls and remember what what an amazing pet we had. Because everyone things their pet is the best...and nobody is wrong. 

Here, Pippa taste tested the cookies for Santa. She wanted to make sure they were perfect so she would get lots of treats and toys for Christmas.


"On location" means options!

Whether it be downtown or on your favorite hiking trail, your images will be uniquely yours to display and admire for years to come. 

While most of my sessions are local to Waterloo, I do travel within Iowa! Travel fees apply. 


Do you love the look of studio images but are hesitant to take your pet to one?  


Are you afraid your boy will mark on light stands? Well, while it's not ideal and we take measures to avoid that, have no fear, it happens and it's not a deal breaker. 

My studio travels with me and is available with very few limitations. Mostly, I need space! But even an open two stall garage can work.

My style is very clean with few props. I want your pet to be the star! 

Interested in a studio session but have more questions? Send me an email and we can find a time to chat!


Photography is about capturing the moments, no matter what stage of life your pet  may be in.


While most of my sessions are booked at least 2-3 weeks in advance, Legacy Sessions are top priority. 

What does this mean?


Sometimes things move quickly and sometimes they sneak up on us, but regardless you have found yourself in need of a session almost immediately. Making these sessions top priority means I will do whatever I can to make myself available to you and your pet.


Over the years, my photography has expanded to include wildlife and macro photography. Prints and print products are available for purchase. 


I have also launched into the realm of swag design! 

Stay tuned for more product launches. 

Have an idea?! Let me know!

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