In a digital world, I'm still a bit old school and enjoy writing things down for a good overview of my entire month. I also enjoy beautiful and fun images so, every year, I take on some calendar projects for others and for myself! 

The Waterloo Police K9 Calendar is a recurring calendar and will be for as long as they allow me the privilege of photographing their teams. I love working with the handlers and the K9s. Like all my fundraising calendars, I donate my time so every single cent raised from the sale of these calendars goes right back to the unit for equipment and care for the K9s! 

The Critter Crusaders calendar is brand new this year! As someone who is involved in rescue, I love what the organization does and reached out to them to see if they wanted to partner for a calendar. It was supposed to happen for 2021 but, sing itwith it me, "COVID happened." So...2022 will be the launch calendar! 

Also...chickens. Chickens are funny little birds with big personalities and lots of opinions. Just ask our dynamic duo, Ginger and Mulan, they have many demands each day that they expect us to meet. If we do not, we get a thorough tongue lashing 

The calendars typically go up for sale in late October. In years past, I have done pre-sales, but currently I order stock and when it's sold out, it's sold out. Cost is dependent on the organization and project, but fundraising calendars are typically $15-$20 each.