Many have never considered a professional photo session for their pet and understandably have a lot of questions.

Q.  I have a pocket pet, does nose art studios photograph pocket pets? 

A.  Yes! nose art studios photographs many types of pocket pets, often with studio lighting or in your pet's yard. 

Q.  My dog is a runner! She must be on a leash at all times. Can we still get beautiful photos? 

A.  Absolutely! For safety reasons, a majority of dogs remain leashed for their sessions. Leashes are removed in post-processing. 


Q.  Sometimes my dog forgets how his ears work when he's excited or in new environments, can you work with this? 

A.  Not only is this something I can work it, it's something I expect. My husband and I have 4 dogs and they all seem to suffer from hearing loss at certain points. (But they can hear a cheese wrapper from a quarter mile away.) After you book your session, we will discuss ways to minimize distractions for your dog and maximize the The Cheesewrapper Effect. 


Q.  I would like to be in a few of the photos, is that okay? 

A.  While the photo session will focus on your pet, I encourage owners to get in a few of the images! For owners who are hesitant to be in photos, we will discuss ways to incorporate you in the images without being *in* the image. 

Q.  My dog has a bite history, can you still work with me? 

A.  Yes, let's talk! Bites from animals occur for many reasons and a majority of those are caused by humans not respecting the animal's comfort zones. 

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