Goodness Goes Viral

The world is in the midst of some crazy stuff. Major social gathering places are shut down. Self-quarantine is recommended if you are not an essential worker or the need to go out in public is not absolutely necessary. People are worried about money, jobs, and how things are ultimately going to work out. 

And in the midst of this, we find some really awesome and deserving people who give of their time and talents and are just selfless to the end. Maybe they work long hours so others don't have to. Perhaps they are constantly checking on their elderly or at-risk neighbors. Perhaps they're just a darn awesome person who does great things for people and animals every single day. 

I want to give people something positive to look forward to. I want to pay it forward to someone who is making this world a better place. I have seen stories of people who are making goodness go viral by inspiring others to be kind, patient, and benevolent. I want to keep it going. 

The winner will receive a FREE pet session and 5 high resolution digital images. No other commitment is required. The session will be scheduled after the state of emergency is cancelled for all jurisdictions, both state and local. The winner will need to be able to travel to the Cedar Valley area if they are not from the Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa area. 

To nominate someone, please go here and fill out the nomination form!

The deadline to nominate someone is April 10th. The winner will be announced on April 15th!