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Dogs of the Cedar Valley | Charli Finds Forever

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If you're like me, you enjoy watching dogs meander down sidewalks sniffing the morning news and seeing their ears flap in the breeze as they enjoy a car ride with their person.

Dogs, like humans, all have a unique tale to tell. From breeders and rescues alike, each dog has a history and a story worth sharing. And who doesn't love photos of dogs!?

Earlier this summer, I met up with Charli and her mom for the first ever model call for my project, Dogs of the Cedar Valley. We wandered the campus of the University of Northern Iowa and enjoyed the cooler weather that Iowa was offering at that time. Charli was patient with me as I found all sorts of different locations for her to pose. A beautiful girl, she made every image just perfect.

Following our photo session, Charli's mom put together, in Charli's words, the story of her life. It's clear that Charli has come a long ways from where she was and now she's even started her modeling career! You can see Charli's full interview here.

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