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The Dirty Little Secret of Dog Photography

This isn't a click bait article that makes you scroll through 10 pages to get the answer. Want to know one of the industry's least advertised tricks of the trade? Here it is in three words: We. Do. Leashes.

Leashes on small dogs. Leashes on big dogs. Leashes on runners. Leashes for the overly-friendly Rover who just has to say hi to everyone. Leashes for Spot who has a solid down stay...until he sees Mr. Squirrel. Or, if you're like a few of my dogs, leashes for dogs who haven't quite mastered all of their social skills and might scare other people and dogs.

Below, Roscoe poses for his professional photo session at Cedar Bend Humane Society. With the help of my amazing handler, we were able to capture some great images for his social media profiles. Do you see a leash? (Scroll down.)

Roscoe | Cedar Bend Humane Society Model

Shelter dog posing for a professional photo session.
Roscoe | Cedar Bend Humane Society Model

Roscoe, along with every model at the shelter, is leashed for their session. There is a lot of activity where we photograph, including barn cats nosing around, meet and greets, volunteers walking dogs, etc. It's enough that even the most solidly trained dog would have difficulty not darting off! Leashes ensure the safety of everyone and help us relax and enjoy the session.

Rhett | Private Session Model

Rhett's session was at a local public park that is always busy with people using the trail system. In addition to all the hustle and bustle, Rhett also just wanted to be with his people. If Mom or Dad walked away, Rhett was ready to follow. Leashes help photographers keep dogs in the right position, even if it's just for a few seconds.

Rhett | Private Session Model

In short, pet photographers uses leashes all the time and for many reasons.

If you have ever wanted to book a professional photo session for your dog, but decided against it because your dog absolutely needs a leash, for whatever reason, now you know that leashes are welcomed and encouraged! (And sometimes required!)

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